Veemo -Dethatcher / Verticutter

Model: VMO/2

The Veemo MKII is a purpose designed, heavy duty, tractor mounted scarifier that uses strong cutting blades for maximum thatch removal with minimum surface disturbance. The three independently floating heads follow ground contours closely without scalping. Fast ground coverage – a soccer field can be completed in approx. half an hour.


Overall Width: 91in (2.3m)

Working Width: 79in (2m)

Length: 105ins (267cm)

Height: 441/2ins (103cm)

Weight: 776lbs (352kg)

Approx Ground Coverage: 26,300 sq.m /h

                                          31,454 sq.yds/hr

Fast, efficient scarifying with minimal 

surface disturbance

Depth of cut is infinitely variable by
means of micro-adjuster on each unit

Tungsten tipped blades