Turf Topper

Model: BTD-20

There's more to building a big capacity top dresser than building a bigger box.The BTD-20 is the original big capacity precision built top dresser designed specifically for sportsturf maintenance.

The Bannerman Turf-Topper BTD-20 is precision engineered for speed, accuracy, and uniform dispensing of material. It will handle any combination of sand, loam, peat moss, manure or fertilizer, spreading uniformly to any desired depth, 1/4" minimum to 3" maximum.

The conveyor floor which is driven directly by hydraulics with over 20 calibrated speeds. The tractor PTO ensures a continuous and uniformflow of top dress material through the contra-rotation of the spreader drum.

The spreader drum breaks up any lumps in material with its scores of little paddles and ensures a fine and uniform texture.

The Turf-Topper is fitted with large flotation tires for minimum ground compaction and a patented 80 degree u-joint to eliminate chatter in the PTO when turning sharply. If you are looking for a top dresser like the Bannerman Turf-Topper we know your a pro, so were not going to tell you how fast you can top dress your field.


Capacity: 3 cubic yards (4.1 with sills)

Minimum Gallons per Minute: 5.5

Minimum Litres per Minute: 25

Spread Width: 58" (147 cm)

Weight Empty: 1950 lbs (850 kg)

Weight Loaded: 8250 lbs (3700 kg)

Minimum Tractor Capacity: 25 horsepower


Side Sill Kit - raises capacity to 4.1 cubic yards ( 3.13 cubic metres)

Highway Transportation Lighting Kit - comes with male and female componenmts

Spreading Brush Kit

Brochures & Information

"Topdressing Facts" (PDF)

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Standard Model

Precision line of top dressing
made by the BTD - 20

Hydraulics and controls
from tractor position