Turf Roller

Model: B-TR-6

The Turf Roller has a standard 3pt hitch and is exceptionally maneuverable with the ability to roll in reverse. Smooth and increase the firmness of the turf surface for faster and safer play without fear of extreme compaction.

Roll the turf after seeding to press the seed into the soil. 

If extra ballast weight is required, fill and drain plugs are provided.


• Overall length: 7 feet (84 inches)
• Roller length: 6 feet (72 inches)
• Roller diameter: 20 inches
• Net weight: 600 lbs.
• Gross weight: 1450 lbs (when filled)


• “Flat” roller
• Ballast roller drum wall 1/4 inch thickness
• Rotates on heavy duty 1-1/2 inch roller bearings with grease fittings
• standard roller scraper
• Fillable with sand, water, etc.


• Standard 3-point hitch category 1 or 2 to suit medium and large horsepower tractors


•Tractor towing “A” frame with adjustable top link to suit all draw bar heights, and hydraulic lift


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Pictured above: "A" frame with hydraulic lift kit

Standard 3 point hitch