Commercial Line Trimmer

The Bannerman BW Line Trimmer is the only truely commercial line trimmer; precision built from the best components available.  The BW-2010 series is lightweight, well balanced, and has an option of 2 smooth running, easy starting engines.  Both models can use the standard line head, and 2 optional types of blades for tougher jobs.

Model: BW-2010-H


Standard Features

Shoulder Harness - attached to a swivel clevis for operator comfort

Blade Guard - adjustable, high compact plastic, clamp to shaft tube

Engine Stand - replaceable solid wire support to protect the operator, carburetor, muffler, and fuel tank


Engine: Honda GX25

Max. Power Output: 1.0 @ 7000 RPM

Max. Torque: 0.74 lb-ft @ 5000 RPM

Overall Length: 72 inches (182.8cm)

Overall Dry Weight: 14.5 lbs. (6.5 Kg)


Brush Blade - reversable 4 tooth blade for brush

Saw Blade - 60 tooth blade for small saplings up to 1" diameter


This item is only available in Canada