Sport Topper - Model: BTD-10

The Sport Topper is a medium-capacity, precision-built, hydraulically powered top dresser. It has a variable-speed conveyor floor and high speed dispensing brush that can place sand topdressing down in grass plant, and fill aeration holes to a depth of 30%.

They are capable of spreading sand, sand peat loam, sand/soil, organic top soil with leaf mould and reclaimed sewage sludge, manures and soil mix, calcined clay for ball diamond and other infield ball diamond mixes, agregate stone dust, bark chips, and grass clippings.


• Powered by tractor hydraulics or optional engine drive hydraulic power pack

• “Walking-beam” axle – tires never crush the turf surface

• Treadles turf tires – consistent pressure of only 8-10 p.s.i. on the surface

• Towable with any turf vehicle

• Topdress wet or dry materials


Capacity: 1.5 cubic yards (1.34 cubic meters)

Ground Pressure: only 10-12 p.s.i. when fully loaded

Empty Weight: 550 lbs (250 kg)

Tow Vehicle Requirements: 15 horsepower

Working Width: 58"

Hopper: galvanized steel, ribbed, light weight, ensuring maximum capacity material yet minimizing overall weight


• R1002 "Power Pack" - hydraulic pump and engine kit to independently power the BTD-10

Turf after topping with soil/sand mix


Click here for a PDF Brochure (209kb)