Mini Topper

Model: B-MTD

Virtually any area of natural grass can benefit from an application of good rich organic top dressing soil at least once a year.

The Bannerman Mini-Topper is designed to apply top dressing evenly on small to medium sized high wear turf grass areas or residential lawns. The spreading drum is wheel driven and has a spreading width of 24”. The Mini-Topper is equipped with adjustable front & rear brushes, to easily control the flow rate of materials.

You can also spread composted manure, peat moss, or vermiculite. You can even spread sand if you buy the sand drum option. Top dressing turf grass areas after overseeding will help to ensure faster growth and thicker, healthier grass plants.


Capacity: 3.5 cu. ft. (100 litres)

Height: 24"

Weight: 66 lbs

Width: 35"

Spreading Width: 24"


Baffle Kit - Agitates clumped top dressing material to allow better flow, and helps to calibrate amount of material put down

Sand Drum - Enables sand to be carried in the hopper without falling through



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Mini Topper with Baffle Kit