Master Groomer

Model : B-MG-6

The Bannerman Master Groomer is a six foot wide artificial turf groomer. With three rows of fitted and specially designed bristled brushes, it's perfect to broom in crumbed rubber and/or sand. These brushes are mounted onto screw jacks which can be calibrated from "tickle the turf" to a deeper depth of contact.

Towing is nothing but easy, as this can be achieved with any light weight turf vehicle. The Master Groomer's three wheeled short based set up allows for quick turns. Thanks to the treadless turf tires there are no worries of marks, marring, scuffing or compaction of the turf surface.


For a full list of specifications on the Master Groomer please see page 2 of the brochure.

Brochure & Information

Click here for a PDF Brochure (442 KB)


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