Line Chalker

Model: B-LC-1234

Bannerman Line Chalker applies powdered line marking materials on grass or non-turf surfaces, Excellent for marking baseball diamond in and out fields, or tracks. Adjustable line widths 1", 2", 3", 4" mechanical moving floor prevents chalker "bridging".

For extra stability and ease of handling the Line Chalker is equipped with 4 wheels and pneumatic tires. The front wheels are extra large to ensure a uniform drive for the dispensing mechanism when fully loaded. To cut off the dispensing action you simply release the bail handle.

The large capacity hopper has an adjustable dispensing aperture positioned close to the ground to minimize drift and is equipped with a rain cap to protect the contents from blowing about or getting wet in case of rain.


Weight: 103 lbs



Click here for a PDF Brochure (55kb)