Kleen Green Thatch Remover

Model: BLT-14 / BLT-15

The grass is always greener...

Reduce pest problems, prepare seed bed, speed growth and increase benefits from fertilizer, moisture and air.

"Grooving" of the turf provides linear aeration and seed bed preparation.

Bannerman's Kleen Green lawn thatcher's are designed to provide efficient vertical cutting and removal of dead plant material and other debris - a damaging condition in turf areas and grass lawns. Removing organic materials from the base of the grass plant allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to circulate freely and be absorbed by the grass roots. The Kleen Green thatcher keeps accumulation of organic materials to a minimum. Built for the professional, our thatcher's give top performance and long, trouble free service.

Kleen Green thatcher's may be used for scarification and levelling, if desired. This works particularly well prior to top dressing - you not only get rid of the thatch, but the top dressing material will settle in around the existing grass plants much better. The depth of cut of the self-sharpening spring steel blades is easily adjustable to suit the condition of the turf and the results desired. The blades are offset to prevent tracking of the cutting tips, thereby eliminating ridging.


Main Frame: 12 gauge steel, welded

Bail Handle: Immediately shuts engine off when the bar is released by operator

Lower Handle: Welded "H" for strength and "Anti-Twist"

Blade Adjustment: Control blade depth with one hand adjustment knob

Engine: Honda GC-160, 5.0 horsepower, 4 cycle

Operating Weight: 122 lbs


Blades: See page 2 of the brochure for the options listed below

  • (03130) 1/8", 14 blades
  • (03040) 1/16", 15 blades

Bochure & Manual

B-LT/B-GT Manual

Click here for a PDF Brochure (347 KB)


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Blade Adjusment Close Up (Front View)

Blade Adjustment close up (Reverse view)