Ballpark-4 Groomer

Model: B-BP-4

The Ballpark-4 is the newest addition to the Bannerman line of sportsturf equipment, 4 foot width. We have combined five essential and individually adjustable grooming tools for speed, dependability and quality of surface.

Hundreds of ball diamonds and warning tracks all over the world are now being groomed regularly with Bannerman groomers.

Standard Equipment

Ripper - to move large amounts of material or breakdown ridges as required

Rake - adjustable from light to heavy raking or severe scarification

Leveller - double bladed levelling device floats by way of parallel linkage

Roller - designed to give firmness without compacting the top layer

Brush - adds that well-groomed or maintained professional look


Wing Brush Kit- ensures faster, cleaner grooming, by erasing tire tracks and eliminating run-off from the main brush

Water Tank Kit - 50 gallon water tank complete with 12-volt pump and fan spray nozzle to control dust and assist in firming up loose surface materials

Long Tine Rake - stirs in new surface material and calcined clays to desired depth. The LTR will also break through hard crushed surfaces. Fluff up wet surface for quicker drying of clay surfaces

Hydraulic Top Link - 2-way hydraulic ram for convenient adjustment of the tractor top link by the operator, to raise the unit for the pitchers mound, and to pass over base anchors




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Video of Ballpark-4 coming soon.

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